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Johny Cash - The white house

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Ever since he got introduced to Richard Nixon in 1972, he became friends with every U.S. President up to the last two (Clinton and Bush). The last to reigned in a period when Cash was getting worse health and he also didn’t trust the two men. 

In 1972, Cash was invited in to the White House to hold a concert for, amongst others, President Nixon. Cash created a little controversy here to, when he didn’t want to play the pro-war, no to drugs songs that the administration asked him to do. Cash excuced himself with not having the time to learn them, but when he replaces the with songs like “The Ballad of Ira Hayes”, “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”, “Man in Black” and "What is truth”; wich are right about the opposite of what they wanted.


Cash claimed that the presidential friends had nothing to do with politics, they were just charming persons. Although he supported the Democratic Party.Cash’s closest friend (when it comes to presidents) were Jimmy Carter. Cash had much respect for the man and what he stood for, both as president and as person.